Gimme dat draven

This is the first appreciation Tumblr blog made for Kevin aka TomAnex or GoldenBlackHawk. I am hope to get him the subs, views and support that he truly deserves. Join the cause!

Please note:
This blog is run by a fan, not Kevin. I am sadly in no way affiliated with him but feel free to raise his awareness of this blog.

^^ Kevin's Tumblr!

GOALS: 20,000 subs, 30,000 subs, 40,000 subs, 50,000 subs, 60,000 subs, 70,000 subs, 80,000 subs, 90,000 subs, , 100,000 SUBS YAY :')

Real smooth

Hey guys, @laneyfoxpkc and I are back with another video project. Dan does seem to get a lot of hate that he doesnt deserve and we feel like we should show him how much we appreciate him by doing another video project kind of like the one we did in July (#slyweloveyou) So post a picture of the hashtag #BatDanIsOurBatMan to show him how much we care and support him or write a note and post it to the hashtag. He is an amazing person and needs to know we support him just like we do for the rest of The Creatures!  #BatDanIsOurBatMan #danznewz #kootra #TheCreatures #slyfoxhound #immortalhd #uberhaxornova #ssohpkc #goldenblackhawk #dextermanning #TheCreaturesHub
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This fucking kid

I checked my phone and this is the first tweet i see. Amazing


*Goes into The Creatures tag*


*Sees some people still posting about the movie night video*


"I got liquid ass’d" - Kevin 

Words you never want to hear



I’m pretty much done with this ‘fandom’ now, it’s getting to the point were I cannot handle all the shit they get dealt by fans, let alone the creatures themselves handling it. They are not bad people, how on this fucking earth can you think for one second that they would purposely want to…

Don’t worry so much. 

This is something we should, and deserve to deal with for letting something so careless like this happen. No hard feelings to the people who fire at us for being offended.

You know what they say, if you’re offended, you either misunderstood, and are no longer offended, or rightfully offended. Nobody that is offended over something is straight up “wrong for being offended”

Proof that Kevin is a beautiful human being. 

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Kevin… What are you doing Kevin…

The baes